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Support a Child


Sponsoring a Child through Mahima Charitable Society is a very simple process.

Any child you wish to sponsor will be admitted in Mahima Christian School (Pre-Primary) or Mahima International Christian School (Primary & Secondary).

Presently we have 13 students in Mahima School who are under this method of education.

They are sponsored by 13 different people from around the globe.


Every Month, we charge a Fee of USD 50/-             for a single child.

                                                            KRW 50,000/-

                                                            INR 2,800/-

                                                            EUR 40/- 

You can either pay the child’s fees in the school directly or pay it in the trust account. (For tax exemption)


The Fees Paid needed to be paid for the child, includes the following things :-


  • Term Fees 800 x 2 = Rs. 1600/- (Primary & Secondary) 1000 x 2 = Rs. 2000/- (Pre-Primary)

       Tuition Fees 800 x 12 = Rs. 9600/- (Primary & Secondary) 1000 x 12 = Rs. 12,000/- (Pre-Primary)

  • Curriculum Fees = (Varies according to class) = (in Curriculum we provide some books from the school, ID card, Calender, for the Pre-Primary Section all books are provided by us)

  • Miscellaneous Fees = (Varies according to class) = (In this, we collect the School Annual Picnic Fees, the Camp Fees, Various Function Expenses such as Annual Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day etc., the School app fee, Newspaper Fees etc) 

  • Development Fund (for the school Development) = Rs. 8000/- (For New Admission only) 


There is a Registration Fee which is applicable once in every section

  • Pre – Primary = Rs. 3,000/- (Nursery to Sr. KG)

  • Primary = Rs. 3,000/- (Standard 1 – 7)

  • Secondary = Rs. 5,000/- (Standard 8 – 10)


If you want to obtain more information, you can either visit the school or contact them for further details.


The Children are selected based on our team judgement of that child's capabilities or previous activities.

When visiting a slum they look for a child who has the heart to study and has put in effort in his or her present school, we then contact the child's parents for an interview.

After speaking to the parents, we try to find to find out if the parents are willing to take the opportunity for their child to achieve a brighter future.

However, all this is only possible after a sponsor has been arranged for a child.


We appreciate your time in visiting this page,

If you wish to contribute towards this cause - email us at or fill in the form given below.

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