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“Education is the key to unlock the Golden door of freedom” – George Washington Carver.


As the saying goes, we believe in the power education has and what it can give to the children of this country – A life to be free from where they started and into the future of opportunities.

Education is not a luxury of the rich but also the right of the poor and Mrs. Sookja Bangera stood by this even before the law was brought forth to existence within India. Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, was passed in the year 2009 but Mrs. Sookja considered it first her duty towards the children before it being a law to be followed.

Today, we still follow her passion for both the children's future and the country that can change along with them.


     Mahima Christian Academy (presently known as Mahima Christian School (Pre-Primary) & Mahima International Christian School (Primary & Secondary) which opened the doors to education in the year 1996 started to cater to the children of Koparkhairne,

Navi Mumbai.

It began with a very humble beginning having just 1 child & 2 teachers.

Today we are a family of 23 staff and 160 students.


Since the year 2000 Mahima School has always had students studying for free in the school. Their fees were either payed by Mrs. Sookja herself or sponsors who come across her service and have the heart to support the children from the slums to continue their studies in this school.

Even today, we have 13 students who are studying for free in the school.

To understand more about this project you can visit the 'Join Us' section above and click on the 'sponsor a child' for any further information.


         One of the things we focus in the school is for every child to be educated in a coequal environment within the school. We impart this through various grounds such as sharing their lunch, education focusing not only on their studies but also the development of the child’s personality and character. Most of all, the impartial environment we maintain helps to reduce prejudice against caste, wealth, and differences that may be there among them. They learn to share from the age of 3 as we conduct sharing days in school, they are encouraged to share their food, gifts and cards with their friends and teachers.

         Along with this, we also teach the children something very meaningful and that is to be a servant leader. This is a position given to every child for a day, to be a leader but also to serve in the class as an example to others. This instills the right leadership skills within every child to help them become the kind of leaders we need today.

For a good leader is one who leads the people but also serves them wholeheartedly.

        Our teachers are encouraged and prepared to be open to every child, situation and special circumstances of the children brought to them in every class. We focus on improving our teaching methods, attitude, and skills of our teachers – all for the better environment of both the children and the staff. Teachers are encouraged to interact with the children and involve themselves personally with the children in any activity like dance, sports activity. This is not only limited to the children but also their families. This system to connect with the family members of the children helps increase the understanding and opens an opportunity for the development of the child’s environment both within the school and at their homes.


       We believe in all-round education and conduct various activities all throughout the year like sports, dance, music, etc. in the school for all the children to get an opportunity to learn and participate. We also motivate our students to interact with foreign volunteers that come visit us from different countries to widen their knowledge and provide them experiences that would be a wonderful asset to their future development.

To work with us as a Volunteer or an Inter please refer to 'Join Us' and the 'Volunteer / Intern' section.


Our school’s focus is to always provide for the best that we can for the children, and we continue to strive to help our children reach the standards of the world today.

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