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Disaster management


“The test of civilization is in the way that it cares for its helpless members.” – Pearl S. Buck 


Disaster Management was never a project for us but our role in the society.

We never imagine that a disaster would occur but it does and at that time we want to be prepared to help overcome the situation it has caused. Disaster Management in Mahima is something we were introduced to, two years ago when the Kerala floods took place. Since then, we have tried to help as responsible citizens of this country whenever any natural disaster has taken place.


During the Kerala Flood in 2018 we thought to our selves, How can we help? What can we do?

The Answer we sought for, we got it from our very students studying in our school.

We then started raising funds by encouraging our students to be a part of this project by collecting from their neighbors and parents - It was an optional activity for them but they were quite enthusiastic to raise funds for people who needed it. Finally, we were able to collect and donate 15000 Rupees to the Chief Ministers Relief Fund of Kerala. Our teachers, inspired by the students, were also encouraged to donate some amount from their stipend to pay for the cause.

Clothes, Medicine, Parle-G biscuits, Bedsheets, Towels were collected along with Mahima Christian Fellowship to donate it for the People of Kerala and sent through centers that were sending things to Kerala.


The next year 2019, we heard that the city of Satara needed our help and we donated them some bedsheets and medicines. We sent it through another organization as we were not working there in person. We were happy to do our bit to help the people in need.


In 2020, When Covid19 struck not only India but the whole world, India went under lockdown and people could not work nor feed themselves. At that moment our Trust decided to distribute rations (food and other item packs) to 1970 families which provided almost 3000 to 4000 people with food during difficult times. Our Ration packs consisted of the following items :-

  • Rice – 5kg 

  • Wheat Flour – 5kg 

  • Onion – 3kg 

  • Potato – 2kg 

  • Lentils(Masoor Dal) – 2kg 

  • Sugar – 2kg 

  • Salt – 1kg 

  • Oil – 1lt 

  • Tea Powder – 200gm 

  • Soap – 3 bar (Lifebuoy / Lux) 


We provided the ration packs not only in slums but also to the migrants whose jobs were affected due to the spread of the virus.


During this project, we were given an opportunity to work with our local government and 2 other organizations.

Through the various support and dedicated work, we successfully were able to complete the first project of COVID19.

Later, in the same year, we also saw when the lockdown was eased and people started going back to work, we felt the need to make safety packs for these people. We prepared safety packs consisting of – 

  • Soap – 4 bar (Dettol / Lifebuoy) 

  • Masks – 10 pc 

  • Vitamin C – 2 strips (30 tablets) 

  • Calcium with Vitamin D3 – 2 strips (30 tablets) 

  • Parle-G – 2  

  • Candy for children – 10pc (Melody sweets) 


We distributed this in the slums and also provided 22 safety packets to the NMMC office in Koparkhairne while 50 safety packets were given to police personnel who were guarding our city day and night during these difficult times. 


To work alone during a disaster is not an easy task and we have a wonderful team who helps us whenever needed to see that all the tasks which the society wants to do are accomplished. All our volunteers who work for us are service minded and only look for God's blessings in return. They work to see the smile on the peoples faces at the end of everything.  


Remember next time a disaster strikes and you wish to support an organization we are always open to get your support and will do what it takes to bring joy back to the city and country. 

All donations to Mahima Charitable Society are tax exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act of India. We also have Foreign Contribution Regional Account for the Trust for Companies or Individuals who would like to support us.

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